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el quadern robat emerged in January 2012 as a personal blog of reflections and experiences related to the professional activity of its author, Anna Belsa. Degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona, ​​she graduated in 1983, with the thesis “Vienna: introduction of an architectural aesthetic”. After four years collaborating with the department of art history of the university, in 1987 she joined the team of the Galeria Joan Prats in Barcelona where she worked until January 2014. During many seasons, she was in charge of the programming of the Galleria Joan Prats-Artgràfic, in which took place the first exhibitions of artists such as Jordi Alcaraz, Joan Furriols, Chema Madoz, Jorge R. Pombo and David Ymbernon among many others. On April 3 2014, the galeria el quadern robat was inaugurated, with the same name as the blog.

el quadern robat occupies the main floor of a modernist house in the Eixample district of Barcelona. After twenty-six years working in a conventional contemporary art gallery with wide and diaphanous spaces, she came to the conclusion that many times, these spaces do not predispose to the real perception of the works. On the other hand, the domestic scale gives works of art a closer dimension. The philosophy of el quadern robat will be the same that guided her work in Joan Prats-Artgràfic: presenting proposals with fundamental, solid, sincere values, and firmly rooted in his environment.

Gallery map:  see or download.PDF

2019 El Punt Avui+, interview with Anna Belsa, July 3, 2019: see or download.PDF  (in Catalan)     English translation: see or download.PDF

2019 Fiona Morrison “El joc” Fundació Valvi, Girona, text by Anna Belsa and Ester Xargay. Catalogue: see or download.PDF   (in Catalan)

2018 Descubrir el Arte, mayo 2018: see or download.PDF  (in Spanish)  English translation, Descubrir el Arte, May 2018: see or download.PDF

2015 Anna Belsa: Oriol Jolonch’s Iinvented realities. Text for Oriol Jolonch’s exhibition catalog, at the Vila Casas Foundation, Barcelona: see or download.PDF




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